Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Welcome to my resolution.

Hey, everyone! This is a bit awkward, but whatevs; long story short, following in the distinguished wake of quitting smoking (2006: successful resolution), and failed pledge to finally read Ulysses (2002, 2003, 2007: didn't happen), this blog is my '08 New Year's resolution. At the end of the day, as foreshadowed by previous Auld Lang Syne pledges, it could go either way, really, though I'd like it to be a success. Those who have been acquainted with me for years know full well that I really enjoy writing, and also that I practice a precise/maddening form that lends itself to nitpicky perfectionism. As '08 was dragging towards a merciful end, though, and I realized that 30 approaches rapidly, I was getting a bit tired of writing only for myself in journal-form; I want to get my haughty, unpalatable opinions out there, and yearn to encourage debate and argument. Politics, sports, culture, commerce, etc; all of my passions are going to be aired.

My blog is called 'Wreckless Conjecture,' and I hope you'll become a subscriber/follower/whatever. It's going to be a bit bumpy at first, as I'm trying to learn rudimentary HTML to incorporate pictures and prettiness as a respite to text blobs (my main goal is wiseacre picture captions), but bear with me. A crash-course, really, but I'll learn as I go - I'm old-fashioned in thinking that content trumps visuals. Besides, being a smart-ass knows no tagging.

Anyway, I'm planning on getting the first week off with a bang: my two-part '2008 In Review.' The first half should be up within the next day, and that's the 'amelodic' portion, meaning essentially everything but music (sports, TV, movies, everyday mundanity, etc.). The lengthy music best-of (part two) will be posted within 2-3 days, and will feature my albums and songs of the year, to say nothing of duds and other miscellaneous categories.

Rain in Spain, and here's hoping you'll read and contribute.


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